Иллюстрированный путеводитель по английской грамматике

Книга построена как набор красочно оформленных схематических ситуаций и сюжетов, помогающих понять и запомнить английскую грамматику. Изданная дважды — в 1974 и 1978 — массовым тиражом под названием «Situation Grammar», эта книга стала настоящим бестселлером. В пособие включенны разделы «Существительное», «Артикль», «Прилагательное», «Наречие», «Глагол», «Частицы», «Междометие», «Модальные слова».

Год: 1992
Автор: М. Дубровин
Издательство: Начала-Пресс
Формат: PDF
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It is now almost taken (or granted that visual methods of teaching a foreign language produce better results than those which depend exclusively upon language. Thirty or forty years ago visual aids, if they deserved the name, were largely confined to the use of the pictures of objects (or objects themselves) in the initial stage of a language course. We all remember loo well a foreign language teacher asking again and again a tedious and sometimes unanswerable question. “What do you see in this picture?»

Nowadays the use of various visual aids to achieve better results with less effort is generally acknowledged. Foreign language teachers arc fully aware of the enormous help that pictures as a teaching aid can give them. Teachers of English fully realize now important it is for their pupils to study English grammar in order to master the language as a means of communication. At the same time they know too well that both the study and teaching of grammar frequently cause loss of interest and boredom. The primary aim of this modest book is to brighten up the teaching.

Sequence of Tenses
Direct and Indirect Speech
Verbs with Prepositions and Adverbs.


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