Online English lessons. Class 7 – Дарси 7

Пешояндҳои макон  ва ҳаракат. Prepositions of place and direction

 – Пешоянди макон ба саволи «дар куҷо?» ҷавоб мегӯяд.

– Пешоянди ҳаракат ба саволи «ба куҷо?» ва «аз куҷо?» чавоб мегӯяд.

Пешояндҳои  макон. Prepositions of Place.

– in – дар (даруни)

The pen is in the box

  • on – дар (болои)

The book is on the table

– at – дар

а) дар ҷои муайян ҷойгир будани касе ё чизе ро мефахмонад

The student is at the table.

б) иштирок дар дарс (ҷараёнҳо)

The student is at the lesson.

  • under – дар (зери)

The book is under the table.

  • above – дар (болои)

The lamp is above the table.

  • behind – дар қафои, дар ақибӣ.

The book is behind the table.

  • in front of – рӯ ба рӯ, дар пеши

The student is in front of the table.

Near –дар назди

Akmal sits near the table.

Across –  аз болои, аз миёни , дар миёни, дар он тарафи.

Across the road, window…Bridge across the river

Among – аз байни

Пешояндҳои ҳаракат. Prepositions of  Direction.  

– to –  ба  ҳаракат ба ягон самт

Go to the table

  • from – аз …
  • Take the book from the table.
  • into – ба (даруни)

Put our book into your bag.

  • out of – аз (берун)

Go out of the classroom.

Take your book out of your bag.

from – …аз

Take the pen from the table.

Towards – ба тарафи

Тарчума кунед.

  • Дар рӯи миз
  • Дар даруни миз
  • Дар назди миз
  • Дар болои миз
  • Дар акиби куттӣ
  • Дар рӯ ба рӯи донишҷӯён
  • Дар синфхона
  • Дар зери миз
  • Ба синфхона даро (рав)!
  • Аз синфхона баро!
  • Китобро ба ҷуздони ман монед!
  • Китобро аз болои миз гиред!

Ҷои нуқтаҳоро пур кунед:

  1. The chair is … the table. 2. The lamp is … the table. 3. The girl is … the table. 4. The girl is … the chair. 5. The book is … the table drawer (ящик). 6. The pencil is … the table.
  2. Where is the chair? 2. Where is the lamp? 3.Where is the girl. 4. Where is the book? 5. Where is the pencil?

Бо калима саволи “Where ?’’ ро гузоред ва ҷавоб диҳед.

the book;  the lamp;  the pen;  the pencil;  the bookshelf;  the bag;                   the box;  the drawer;  the notebook.

Ин амалҳоро иҷро кунед

  • Go to the table. Take the book from the table. Open it at page 36. Close the book.  Put it into the bag. Take the bag from the table                                     and go to your desk.

Тарҷума кунед:

  • The student is in the classroom. 2. The black-board is on the wall. 3. It is in front of the student. 4. The teacher is at the table.

Ҷумлаҳо созед.





at home.

in the room.

to room ten.

to school.

in the park.

to the park.


We live … Khujand. We are students…the Polytechnical Institute. Our Institute is … the centre… the city.We go there …car.  … the Institute we study many subjects.The students …our group are …a lecture.The lecture is taking place …a large hall. The man standing… the blackboard is our teacher. He is writing something …the blackboard. The students are looking …the blackboard. My friend is sitting…a chair near the window. The lecture is over. The teacher is going …the door.


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